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Origin: Ethiopia, Africa

Region: Guji Provence

Farmer: Tesfaye Bekele

Variety: Mixed Heirloom

Processing Method: Washed

Altitude: 1950 masl

Crop Year: 2018

Roast: Hybrid (suit espresso and manual brew methods)


Ethiopia is the Ancestral home of Coffee and the trees grow mostly as a wild crops but some are also farmed under larger private allotments. In 2008 the Government introduced The Ethiopian commodity exchange (ECX), which was a system designed to allow easier access to small crop commodity markets for a larger number of small sustenance farmers. But the ECX made it illegal for any small farm lots to make it to market unless classified under a co-operative or private farm lot. This made the Trace-ability of small farm lots impossible as micro lots would only make it to market as multiple producer mixed farm lots. Hence most coffee was treated as a commodity and farmers received flat rate prices for their crops regardless of quality. In 2017 this all changed when the ECX allowed small farm lots to be sold directly from washing stations making the coffee much more traceable.


We now find ourselves in possession of Tade for the second year in a row. A shining example of sustainable and repeatable growing and processing techniques within coffee farming. This year's Tade washed is still super clean with a crisp lime acidity, rich chocolatey body and sweet ripe apricot finish.  We hope you enjoy our second offering from the Bekele farm and the birthplace of coffee.


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