Nyakarenzo Isimbi RWANDA

Nyakarenzo Isimbi RWANDA

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Origin: Rwanda, Africa

Region: Rusizi

Farm: Nyakarenzo Station

Variety: Bourbon

Processing Method:  Washed

Elevation: 1900 masl

Classificatioin: Microlot

Crop Year: 2018

Roast: Hybrid (suit espresso and manual brew methods)


Rusizi is geographically located in the southwestern corner of Rwanda. It borders both Burundi and The Democratic Republic of Congo. The coffee farms of this region are truly micro. Most farmers barely exceed 200 coffee trees per farm and little more than a handful exceed 1000 trees. This make the coffee farmers of Rusizi truly sustenance growers, giving all of their attention to their precious small farms of coffee trees. It was therefore a natural progression that this region of Rwanda would focus on specialty coffee. Over the last decade Rwandan coffee has improved their coffee washing process earning themselves a rightful place at the world table of specialty coffee.

Nyakarenzo tastes like rich maple syrup, tamarillo and milk chocolate with a fine grapefruit like acidity.

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