PERU Joselito Davila

PERU Joselito Davila

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· Origin: Peru

· Region: San Ramon, Huabal, Cajamarca

· Farm: El Capuli

· Altitude: 1850 M-A-S-L

· Variety: Caturra

· Processing Method: Washed

· Crop: 2018-19

Roast: Hybrid

 El Capuli is a 2.5 hectare farm of which one hectare is planted with Caturra variety. Strict picking of berries, at the same level of ripeness, is a fundamental practice at El Capuli. After picking the coffee is depulped either on the day or the following day then dry fermented for 24 hours. The coffee is then washed meticulously three times and set out to dry on shaded raised patios or tables. The drying process takes 15-20 days for the coffee to stabilise.

Peru is fast becoming one our favourite origins here at Provenance thanks to the depth and body of their well processed coffees.

Joselito Davila tastes like: Toffee, Panela, Cacao nibs, red berries and juicy orange.

Please note: Hybrid roasts suit all types of brew methods

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