COLOMBIA Jairo Arcila Natural

COLOMBIA Jairo Arcila Natural

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Tastes like: Plums, sweet, fruit leather, blackberry jam

Origin: Colombia

Region: Vereda Villarazo, Armenia, Quindio

Farmers: Jairo Arcila

Variety: Castillo

Processing Method: Natural

Elevation: 1450 masl

Crop Year: 2019 Harvest

Roast: Filter


A very Special Crop From our Colombian Micro-lot partners, Cofinet. This coffee was picked and then processed in two ways, Natural process and Black Honey Process.

The Arcila family have a deep history with coffee in Colombia. The head of the family, Jairo Arcila, has been growing coffee in Colombia for many years and is an Industry heavyweight. Meanwhile his sons run the Green Coffee Import company that is Cofinet. This Castillo Variety was picked and sent to La Pradera, Cofinets very own washing station, for processing. This portion of the crop was naturally processed which involved drying the coffee with all of the flesh and skin on the bean. The coffee was placed on concrete patios for 13 days until moisture content reached 10%.

The best natural process coffees exhibit good fruit characteristics while maintaining clarity, sweetness and a fine balance of acidity.

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