Zamesi ETHIOPIA (Filter Roast)

Zamesi ETHIOPIA (Filter Roast)

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Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Oromia, Cheketa

Farmer: Zerihun, Messen & Sissay

Variety: Mixed Heirloom

Processing Method: Fully Washed

Elevation: 1800- 1900 masl

Crop Year: 2018

Roast: Filter (suit manual brew methods)


A New sourcing from a private farm in Cheketa and a direct result of the “traceability” concept at work. Three Brothers run the Zemesi farm that is now selling direct from their Parchment storing facility. The shake-up in regulations from the Ethiopian Coffee Exchange in 2017 has enabled the Zemesi farm (and many others) to sell direct to buyers willing to form direct trade relationships. Wohoo! This means a better price for Ethiopian farmers and better access to higher quality lots for Roasters and coffee drinkers alike.

 Zamesi is a prime example of the clarity and complexity of Ethiopian coffee. The coffee bursts with flavours of ripe blueberry, sweet sugary plums, Strawberry jam, jasmine and black chai tea.

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