COLOMBIA Neil Guarnizo

COLOMBIA Neil Guarnizo

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Origin: Huila, Colombia

Region: Tarqui

Farmer: Neil Guarnizo

Variety: Caturra, Colombia

Processing Method: Washed

Elevation: 1850 masl

Crop year: 2018 Second Harvest


Neil Guarnizo is a producer from the Francy Elena Osorio Criollo Collective. This group is working veruy closely with our Shared Source green coffee agents. All members of this group have received ongoing eco-growing and producing training from Shared Source. This has resulted in Neil going 100% bio organic. No external source fertilisers or pesticides are used on-farm, instead Neil uses composting with bio-dynamic principles to fertilise his coffee trees. He also receives an eco-transitioning financial bonus from Shared Source PTY LTD.

 When it comes to processing Neil has been refining his process more and more in consultation with Shared Source. Something that can only be achieved with a “guaranteed buyer”. Comparisons between aerobic and anaerobic fermentation have been made as well as single washing the coffee post fermentation instead of scrubbing the coffee vigorously. The work done by Shared Source has had big impacts on the quality of life and the quality of the coffee coming from this region of southern Huila.

Neil Guarnizo is full bodied and vibrant with blackberry, cherry and dark chocolate.



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