COLOMBIA Diofanor Ruiz Honey

COLOMBIA Diofanor Ruiz Honey

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Tastes like: Sweet Honey, Figs, stewed fruits and ripe purple berries.

Origin: Quindio

Region: Buenavista

Farmer: Diofanor Ruiz

Variety: Castillo

Processing Method: Yellow Honey

Elevation: 1650 masl

Crop year: 2018 Second Harvest

Roast: Filter


The Ruiz family grows coffee in the hills of Buenavista where annual rainfall exceeds 2000mm. The soils are rich in volcanic ashes and minerals and the climate is very mild. Ruiz consistently produces high quality micro-lots from this farm. This can be attributed to meticulous picking and repeatable anaerobic fermentation practices. Diofanor uses his established processing techniques to highlight a range of different flavours from the same Castillo crop.

 We were lucky enough to sample cup the Washed, Natural and Honey processed coffees from Diofanor this year. We were particularly impressed with the washed and Honey processed coffees.


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