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Espresso is the most widely consumed coffee style in Australia and yet it seems to be the most challenging for the home barista to master. There are many reasons why this is so, not all espresso machines and grinders are created equal, different coffees produce different results, grind densities and brew times change constantly and so the variables list goes on. Basically there is no one way to make the perfect espresso in every circumstance but there are several things you can do at home to make your espresso coffee much better right now. Our best advice is to attend a training course. get in contact and we will gladly book you in and have you bangin' out cafe quality espresso at home in no time. Until then these steps should set you onto the path of better quality espresso.


  1.  Buy fresh whole bean coffee- whole bean coffee stays fresher longer than pre ground coffee. Only buy what you need to last you for a week or two. This ensures you consume the coffee at its peak flavour profile.
  2.  Grind on demand-  Invest in a good quality burr grinder with step-less grinder adjustments. Measure out your quantity for brewing and grind right before you start. This means purchasing a decent quality burr grinder which will pay dividends when it comes to grind density and consistency. * Blade grinders are not recommended as they just chop your coffee up into inconsistent fragments, best save the blade grinder for your herbs and spices.
  3. Clean your equipment- Dirty brewing equipment will produce dirty tasting coffee. Clean your equipment thoroughly and regularly and you will be rewarded with fresh crisp coffee in your cup.
  4. Filter your water Your coffee is more than 90% water so it makes sense to make sure it's the best water it can be. Some minerals found in tap water can react during the coffee brew process altering the flavour of your cup. Filter your water for best results.
  5. Measure- Measure your quantities precisely. Purchasing a good set of brew scales and a kitchen thermometer will allow you to accurately measure your coffee and brew water weights and temps every time. Being able to replicate the perfect cup of coffee every time is the aim of the game here.

The following Principles Refer Specifically to Espresso

  1. Distribute and Tamp- Learn how to distribute your grinds evenly in your porta-filter, pre-tamp. Tamp firmly and evenly and level. White knunckles are your tamp pressure indicator. This will ensure an entire and even extraction
  2. Get to know your Grinder- If your extractions are running to fast, fine up your grind density. If they are too slow and drippy, course up a touch...Finesse is the aim here, small adjustments at a time.
  3. Go full Geek- Drop us a line and we will give you a brew ratio for any of our single origin offerings. We will tailor a recipe for your equipment to get the best from your Provenance goodness.



Fresh Provenance Coffee

Espresso Machine


Burr Grinder

Brew Scales (preferably with timer)

Water (filtered)