We have developed these guides to help you make the best possible brew at home with your Provenance Coffee and chosen equipment. These brew guidelines are intended to give you a starting point on best brew practice. 





Pour over filter brew is based on gentle saturation of hot water and coffee in a cone before being passed through a fine filter often made of paper. This produces a cup of clarity and full body when executed well. Pour over allows for the true terroir of a single origin bean to be showcased in a subtle yet clean and flavoursome cup of coffee. If you're thinking of getting into filter brew coffee we recommend you start with pour over as it is inexpensive to set up and the easiest of all brew methods to master. We encourage you to use this as a starting point and change it up as you see fit. This recipe is tailored to one brew cup (250ml). 



Plunger or French Press is possibly the most simplified way to make multiple cups of fine coffee with minimal effort and equipment. It is an immersion brew method meaning the end flavour profile relies heavily on contact time between water and coffee. Our recommended starting point is 15g of coffee per 250ml water (roughly 1 cup). Adapt this ratio to the volume or your press and the intended total amount of coffee you wish to brew. For example if you have a 4 cup press you will need 60g of ground coffee and 1000ml of hot water.




The Aeropress brewer is the most portable coffee maker on the market. It is the outdoor adventurers best friend being light, easy to operate and a cinch to clean. In terms of taste it falls somewhere between filter pour over and french press.

stove top.png







Espresso is the most widely consumed coffee style in Australia and yet it seems to be the most challenging for the home barista to master but there are several things you can do at home to make your espresso coffee much better right now.