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Fresh Provenance Coffee

Aeropress Kit


Burr Grinder

Brew Scales (preferably with timer)

Water (filtered)

Something to heat Water in



The Aeropress brewer is the most portable coffee maker on the market. It is the outdoor adventurers best friend being light, easy to operate and a cinch to clean. In terms of taste it falls somewhere between filter pour over and french press. Our starting “Upside-down” brew Recipe is: 12g of coffee for 200ml of water and a total brew time of 1min 30secs.




There are a handful of things you can do immediately to drastically improve the quality of your coffee at home and these apply to all coffee brew methods.

  1.  Buy fresh whole bean coffee- whole bean coffee stays fresher longer than pre ground coffee. Only buy what you need to last you for a week or two. This ensures you consume the coffee at its peak flavour profile.
  2.  Grind on demand-  Measure out your quantity for brewing and grind right before you start. This means purchasing a decent quality burr grinder which will pay dividends when it comes to grind density and consistency. * Blade grinders are not recommended as they just chop your coffee up into inconsistent fragments, best save the blade grinder for your herbs and spices.
  3. Clean your equipment- Dirty brewing equipment will produce dirty tasting coffee. Clean your equipment thoroughly and regularly and you will be rewarded with fresh crisp coffee in your cup.
  4. Filter your water Your coffee is 90% water so it makes sense to make sure it's the best water it can be. Some minerals found in tap water can react during the coffee brew process altering the flavour of your cup. Filter your water for best results.
  5. Measure- Measure your quantities precisely. Purchasing a good set of brew scales and a kitchen thermometer will allow you to accurately measure your coffee and brew water weights and temps every time. Making the perfect cup of coffee every time is the aim of the game here.




Bring your water up to the boil. Weigh out 12g of coffee. Place a filter in the filter housing and dampen.Put your Aeropress tubes together (make sure the rubber plunger section is on the bottom and the chamber with gold writing is on the top). Push them together so the rubber just meets with the printed number “4” on the top chamber. This will give you stability for the “flip”. Put some hot water in the top chamber and rinse out your mug to bring everything up to temp.


Grind your coffee to a density between filter and espresso, something like cracked pepper and place it in the top chamber. Place the entire aeropress assembly on your brew scales and tare to zero. Start your brew timer and pour in your hot water until you reach your target water weight of 200g.Stir gently and allow to rest for 0:30 seconds. After 0:30 seconds stir again in a swift circular motion breaking through the surface coffee crust. At 1:00min grasp the brewer firmly and screw on the cap and filter until taught.


Grab both the top and bottom sections of the brewer in one hand and put your mug upside down over the filter cap with the other. Flip with purpose in one swift motion. Plunge your brewer over 20ish seconds.





  • The Aeropress is extremely forgiving, play with the grind density, dose weight and brew time a little to see what works best for you.

  • Check out the World Aeropress Championships website for the previous winning brewers recipes to get an idea of how versatile the Aeropress really is.

  • To clean your aeropress simply remove the filter cap and press the plunger right through to expel the coffee grounds. Give it a light hot water rinse all over

  • The handle of the Aeropress scoop proves to be a much better stirring utensil than the paddle provided